You've awoken with a common malady - amnesia. But something is amiss. Groans of a horrible creature echo across the grounds of this manor. Evidence of arcane experiments gone wrong in the past - or in the future?

It is Time for you to explore the haunted estate of Malagris. Uncover the truth, find the artifacts, and attempt to escape an endless cycle of death...

CONTROLS  (m&k or gamepad)

Move - WASD / Left Stick

Look - Mouse / Right Stick

Activate - E / X

Jump - Spacebar / A

Use Right Hand Item - Right Click / Right Trigger

Use Left Hand Item - Left Click / Left Trigger

Cycle Right Hand - R / Right Shoulder

Cycle Left Hand - Q / Left Shoulder

If you have problems with performance or mouse capture, please download the game.

Check back for final updates after the Gamejam!


  • Ben Hopkins (design, dev, art, animation, sfx)
  • Rosko Vair (music)
  • Richard Klassen (modelling: demon, library exterior)
  • Adrianna Simons (modelling: graveyard, mine assets)
  • Angela Moy (modelling: furniture, fireplace)
  • Ben Pence (modelling: furniture, observatory)
  • Daniel Lyon (modelling: carpet, lyrics)
  • Aaron Oliver (discord trick or treat)
  • Alley Mitchell (art, concepting)
  • Max Herzfeld (lyrics, demon voice)
  • Hugo Belperron (lyric editing)


Download 50 MB

Development log


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haha, ainda penso sobre atualizações que esse maravilhoso jogo altamente promissor pode ter.


Eu simplesmente me apaixonei por este jogo, simplesmente maravilhado, eu lhe peço mais jogos deste tipo e estilo, por favor! Sou um fã de seu trabalho agora, muito obrigado pelo o que faz! abraços do Brasil!!! @ronaldyzx_

Well done getting to the current "end"! Thank you so much <3

é empolgante saber que terá um fim definitivo, aguardo ansiosamente!!


That hedge maze was difficult as crap. but amazing work!

I agree with you. The maze is really difficult. But I've been outside of it.

Cool horror!

This looks amazing.


Gave it a Let's Play 


Yo thank you so much for playing! Your playthrough was dope, I haven't seen someone so good at avoiding the demon yet. Sorry there isn't a proper ending right now, soon!

Very good game 


Thank you! Glad you had a good time :)

voy a aprobar